Thursday, August 14, 2008


Super-agent Drew Rosenhaus was at the Link last night after getting together with Eagles cornerback Lito (call me LEEE-tohhh) Sheppard.

Rosenhaus put the word out he was still talking to the Eagles about a contract restructuring for Sheppard, who's unhappy with his pact and his role as the nickel back after losing the starting left corner job to Asante Samuel.

But what else was Rosenhaus going to say after hearing the Eagles weren't going to budge? Super Drew didn't even get an audience with Eagles president Joe Banner on his visit to the NovaCare Complex to introduce himself as Sheppard's new agent.

At this point the Eagles aren't going to trade Sheppard unless someone makes a drop-dead offer of say a first-round pick. Until Sheppard proves he can play a full season, which hasn't happened since the Super Bowl year, it would take a desperate team to offer the Birds as much as a second-rounder for his services.


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