Sunday, April 26, 2009

Birds trade for Hobbs; select TE, CB, OT in fifth round

After accumulating six draft picks in the fifth round largely through trades, the Eagles dealt the two choicest selections to the Patriots for CB Ellis Hobbs.

Hobbs has nine career interceptions and three TD's on kickoff returns in four seasons. Obviously the Eagles are tweeting disgruntled CB Sheldon Brown, who has 14 picks in seven seasons. Hobbs has been a starter, and the Eagles recently signed CB Joselio Hanson to starters money. Hobbs also is unhappy about his contract, which expires after the season.

The Birds drafted TE Cornelius Ingram (Florida), CB Victor Harris (Va. Tech) and OT Fenuki Tupou (Oregon) in the fifth round.

Ingram is an athletic project with basketball skills coming off a torn ACL. Harris, nicknamed "Macho," returned four of 15 career interceptions for touchdowns. Tupou played LOT.


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