Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some Peppers for the pass rush

The Eagles have been tracking defensive end Julius Peppers since it became apparent he wasn't interested in returning to the Carolina Panthers.

Now, Pro Football Weekly's very credible Nolan Nawrocki writes that the Eagles were sniffing around Peppers before the Panthers put the franchise tag on him.

The Eagles haven't traded a first-round pick for a player since Buddy Ryan dealt one to the Indianapolis Colts for Ron Solt.

But they have two, Nos. 21 and 28, and if combining one of the firsts with a third-rounder can get the job done they owe it to themselves to bring on an everydown beast like Peppers.

The only real question is whether Peppers wants to come to the Birds or a team like the New England Patriots. He has a hammer in that the Panthers cannot trade him unless he signs what in his case is a $16.7 million tender.

As Nawrocki points out, Peppers is a player you have to game-plan around. Pair him with Trent Cole and you would have a deadly pass rush.

Julius Peppers (above right) at a festival with Solange Knowles in a photo from photo.


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