Thursday, April 30, 2009

Minicamp, Fred-Ex & Sheldon

First-round Eagles draft pick Freddie Mitchell dropped off the map after popping off about the opponent before the Eagles opposed the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

I always thought Andy Reid and his teammates blew a golden opportunity to jump on board with Mitchell and make the game personal. Even Joe Banner. With a little more fire the Iggs would have won the game. The Pats were asking to be beaten that night.

At any rate Mitchell is back blogging ( He says he wants to return to the field, but there's almost no chance it will be the NFL. The UFL (with an average salary of $75,000) is starting up though.

When I think of Mitchell, I think of minicamp as much as his conversion on fourth-and-26 in the playoffs against Green Bay. Mitch was a minicamp story when he didn't report for the 2005 camp, Eagles head coach Andy Reid saying Mitchell was asked not to participate. Later Mitchell was released.

If Mitchell could do that one over, he would take the Sheldon Brown angle.

"A big misconception is that I was cut from the team when in fact I asked Coach Reid to be released," Mitchell wrote on his blog. "Thinking back on it I should have gone to the media and informed them first that I was asking to be released rather than it looking like I was being cut from the team."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

freddie mitchell needs to man up. he should have devoted more time to his work ethic and less time to the women , he had skills if he would have worked harder to hone them.

June 23, 2009 at 12:24 PM 

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