Wednesday, May 20, 2009

McNabb: Prayers for Johnson, Vick

Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb is firmly in the corner of defensive coordinator Jim Johnson, beaten down by treatment for melanoma.

In the same blog entry in support of Johnson (, McNabb had empathy for Mike Vick, freshly out of prison after being locked up for running a dog-fighting ring.

McNabb says he's sure Vick "will continue to be remorseful and will learn from his experiences."

Vick needs a role model - fast. His mother is a close friend of McNabb's mother. If ever there was a time for Donovan McNabb to stick his neck out and be a role model for Mike Vick, this is it.

Vick's last game was against the McNabb-less Eagles at the Linc in their 2006 regular season final. It wil be Vick's last NFL game period if he hasn't learned from his experiences.


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