Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Before signing Trotter, workout Bergey, Kirkland and Gardner

Bringing back Jeremiah Trotter at the expense of a veteran who could be more useful to the Eagles - Jon Runyan and Jeff Garcia immediately come to mind - is another installment speaking to the arrogance of the Eagles.

Linebackers have to be able to run, and I'm sorry but it's hard to believe Trotter suddenly can turn back the clock on the creaky knees so full of arthritis he himself said they couldn't pass anyone's physical. I'm sure he feels better after recent knee surgery. I know he can play with pain. But again, linebackers have to run to be useful and there is no reason to expect him to be able to do so consistently enough to help.

If the Eagles are dead set on bringing back relics of the past I'll bet middle linebackers Bill Bergey (pictured top, Levon Kirkland (bottom) and Barry Gardner would like a call.


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