Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cost of Eagles Flight Night! for family of four

By my calculations - and if you really know me, I never dreamed about being a mathematician - a family of four would shell out roughly $120 to attend what the Eagles are billing as an "affordable" night out.
The rundown is $60 for tickets ($20 for the adults, $10 each for the children), $15 for parking and $11.25 apiece for food (assuming they're OK with just a pork sandwich and ice cream, with no drink).
Now, is that affordable?
Could a family get more enjoyment out of a night out together at say, Chili's, for the same kind of money including the tip?
And that's not even considering a practice look at Kevin Kolb, Mike Vick and a few other Eagles starters.
Considering the proceeds go to charity, "affordable" gets a thumbs-up.


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