Monday, November 22, 2010

Reid-action to 'Chilly' firing

Andy Reid had a hard time with Brad Childress getting axed by the Vikings.

Reid didn't directly rip Vikings ownership on his weekly radio show Monday but he did imply the decision to can "Chilly," as he's known to his players, was a knee-jerk reaction.

"This guy was in the NFC championship game, a couple of points away from going to the Super Bowl – one play away from going to the Super Bowl - and now he doesn’t have a job," Reid said. "It’s a crazy, crazy business."
Big Red also was shaken by Childress getting replaced by Leslie Frazier, an assistant under Reid.

“It’s a little bit like sweet and sour pork," Reid said. "The sour part is that Brad was fired. He’s one of my closer friends. That’s a sad deal. ... And on the other side of that I’m looking at Leslie Frazier and I’m thinking this guy will be a phenomenal head coach. But I just didn’t expect it to happen that way and I don’t think Brad or Leslie wanted it to happen that way.”


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