Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cowboy 'knew' Vick would start

The Eagles didn't know Michael Vick would be their starting quarterback until he made the most of his playing time.

But Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware felt i was only a matter of time before Vick succeeded Kevin Kolb at the position.

"To be honest I knew something like this could happen," Ware said. "A guy like Michael Vick, you're not going to hold him down. Especially with the athleticism he has. Maybe last year he was a little rusty just coming into the season. Now he's gotten the reads, he knows what to do, he’s gotten good coaching from Andy Reid. He knows the offense. So now he knows a lot more. And a guy like him knowing everything with the offense and is able to read defenses really well, I mean the sky is the limit with him. He’s a totally different type of quarterback."

Oh, and Vick has the Pro Bowl vote of Ware.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, he’ll get mine," Ware said.


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