Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake on Pattison Avenue

Tremors from the earthquake that struck the Capitol Tuesday shook the NovaCare Complex where Eagles players were showering and lifting weights after a long morning practice.'
"I came out of the shower and I saw the lights and stuff shaking and I stopped and felt the movement a little bit," King Dunlap, the Eagles' 6-9, 310-pound offensive tackle said. "They said the whole building was shaking. It's a pretty big place. It must have been a pretty decent sized earthquake."
Defensive end Trent Cole had a sinking feeling in his stomach.
"I was in the shower and the place started shaking," Cole said. "I was like, what the hell is going on? Am I getting sick?"
Defensive end Jason Babin, feeling the ground shake, alerted people in the hall to be careful and take precautionary measures.
Austin Howard was in the weight room with teammates Todd Herremans, Brent Celek and others for the event that was felt at nearby Lincoln Financial Field, according to Eagles employees in contact with colleagues at the football stadium..
"I was lifting weights," Howard said. "You could see the ground move a little bit. You looked up at the TV and it was shaking a little bit and the lights were flickering a little bit. Nothing too dramatic but something you could still see."
At that point Howard said the players looked at each other and brainstormed.
"No clue," Howard said. "We were just hoping that nothing blew up. We were hoping it wasn?t some explosion. It was my first one. Who would have thought it would happen in Philly, of all places?"
Said Dunlap, who hails from Tennessee, "This is the first one I've ever actually been in.
"They don't usually have them up here, do they? That's rare, isn't it? Do they even have a Richter Scale up here?"


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