Monday, August 22, 2011

VY: 'Eagles still Dream Team'

Like it or not, Vince Young changed the Eagles’ culture when he called them the Dream Team.
Instead of hunters, the Eagles became the hunted.
Nothing wrong with that or Young refusing to back down from the image he created while the Eagles were in the midst of stockpiling one elite player after another through free agency and trades.
“We do have some real talented guys,” Young told the media mob Monday. “I really feel if we keep working and taking care of our responsibilities and finish like we want to finish as a team, that’s pretty much how I called it.”
What Young believes is the Eagles are a squad so talented they’re capable of going wire to wire and winning a championship regardless of the competition. That’s a Dream Team.
For some reason Young agreed when asked if what he said had been taken out of context.
“That’s pretty much how it goes with Vince Young,” he said. “My words always get taken out of context.”


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