Monday, November 7, 2011

McCoy will have an agent by Friday

Fired Drew Rosenhaus.
LeSean McCoy will have an agent in place to negotiate a deal with the Eagles by Friday.

McCoy fired Drew Rosenhaus.

The finalists are Joel Segal, who represents Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, and J.R. Rickert, the up and coming representative for defensive tackle Mike Patterson.

McCoy has one year left on his rookie deal.

The gold standard of NFL running backs is the Vikings’ Adrian Peterson, who signed a seven-year deal that tops out at $100 million. It includes $36 million guaranteed.
Chris Johnson got a four-year pact from the Titans that maxes out at $53 million with a $10 million signing bonus and roster bonuses and injury conditions pushing the total guarantee to $30 million. The Titans could cut him after this season and be off the hook for just $13 million total.

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