Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sean McDermott remembers Jim Johnson

Honored tonight at Linc.
The late Jim Johnson was a mentor to Sean McDermott, who took over as Eagles defensive coordinator when Johnson was ill with cancer.

Sean McDermott, Big Red, better times.
With Johnson to be inducted into the Eagles Honor Roll Sunday night, McDermott, now the coordinator of the Carolina Panthers, took time to remember Johnson, his stories, the way he carried himself and his sense of humor.

“One of the things he liked to do was kid around with the intern coaches each training camp,” McDermott wrote. “On the last day of their time with us he would individually tell each one of them, ‘Of all of the intern coaches we have had here’ — and each one would get all excited like they had done a great job and were about to be praised by the legendary coach — ‘you have been among them.’ And then Jim would burst out laughing. It became a ritual at camp. He loved doing that every year.”

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