Saturday, October 29, 2011

Samuel, Banner, Roseman and power

Cameras weren't allowed at Eagles practice Friday.

The pictures would have been worth a ton of words.

The interaction, or lack thereof among cornerback Asante Samuel and the guys he fingered for playing fantasy football with Jeffrey Lurie's money was most entertaining.

While Lurie watched the entire practice, so-called fantasy football guys Joe Banner and Howie Roseman barely made a cameo. Typically they're out there most of the session.

The president and the G.M. also were standing about as far away from Samuel as was possible. They weren't near Lurie, either. And they seemed to be looking around the sideline to see if anyone noticed they were around.

Samuel ignored them. His trash talk was muted. Some of his teammates were looking at the fantasy guys.

Oh and head coach Andy Reid, who doesn't have the authority he used to, was far, far away from all of those characters.


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