Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mangini's ESPN link

Better stay away from Big Red.
It was understandable Andy Reid was angry Wednesday when he called the ESPN report citing a source that Eric Mangini turned down the Eagles "all fabricated."
Mangini works for ESPN. He has an ax to grind with the Reid coaching tree. Reid mentor Mike Holmgren, president of the Cleveland Browns, dismissed Mangini as head coach in favor of Pat Shurmur.

While it’s conceivable Eagles upper management went through channels to reach Mangini, according to NFL sources, Mangini’s ESPN connection appears to be the obvious source of the defensive consultant report.

Reid clearly took the affront to his authority over his coaching staff personally. Mangini isn’t going to be on his Christmas card list. The way Reid snarled, a celebrity boxing match pitting the two could raise money for a lucky charity. Castillo might want some of that, as well.

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