Monday, October 3, 2011

Players-only meeting Tuesday

The details are being worked out but the Eagles are going to have a players-only meeting.

The get-together almost certainly will be Tuesday. It would have been Monday but the players were sent home.
"If you're with me, raise your left index finger."

"We just need to get away, regroup and think about things," one Eagle said.
With a 1-3 record and a proclivity for blowing fourth-quarter leads, there will be a lot to talk about. Less than 9 percent of the teams making the playoffs since 1990 did so after losing three of their first four games.

Quarterback Michael Vick said he and his teammates needed  to take a gut check after the loss to Alex Smith and the 49ers.

At least some of his teammates agree.

"Honestly, we have a lot of talent on the field," a player said. "It’s just a matter of just getting it together. That’s one thing I notice. Playing together, that’s what it’s all about. That could be because of the lockout but I think we’ve been together long enough where we should know what’s going on."

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