Thursday, October 6, 2011

Team meeting was Wednesday

Been a while since that last NFL title.

Expected to see a lot more attitude in the Eagles' locker room Wednesday.

Especially after the players and coaches got together in the morning presumably to dedicate themselves to snapping a three-game losing b
bstreak and saving the season.

Saw a bunch of guys going off in a lot of directions desperately in need of leadership.

There were guys reluctant to lead. Guys who could lead but unable to do so as they're not playing. Some guys still don't like or understand their roles. Won't tell you which side of the ball that is.

As far as the players-only meeting a team source expected to happen Tuesday or Wednesday, just say some veteran players and even coaches were shaking their heads it didn't happen.

Others saw no need for it.

No need for a clear the air session?

That tells you how lost this team is.


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