Friday, November 4, 2011

McCoy's illness begins with 'd'

Good for McCoy's issue.
Eagles star running back LeSean McCoy was anything but the picture of health during the Friday morning walkthrough.

Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhiweg said McCoy got through it, if you will, just a day removed from severe stomach cramping.

McCoy also sat in on the meetings and participated in the afternoon practice, all of those tweets about Pepto Bismal notwithstanding.

Mornhinweg is operating under the assumption McCoy “will be fine” for the Eagles’ Monday night game at the Linc against the Chicago Bears.

The coach even kidded about what caused the stomach issue.

“You give the ball to him too many times and he gets sick,” Mornhinweg said.

NFC offensive player of the week McCoy has 58 carries the past two games. He leads the Eagles in rushing and accounts for half of their touchdowns and 28 percent of the offense.


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