Friday, December 16, 2011

How Eagles avoid elimination Sunday

Eagles need this guy to choke.
If the Cowboys (7-6) lose Saturday and the Eagles beat the Jets the following day, the Birds (5-8) still would be in the NFC East title chase after the weekend.

There will be no division chase if the Cowboys beat the Bucs and the Giants (7-6) defeat the Redskins. Or if the Eagles lose and either the Cowboys or Giants prevail.

If the Eagles lose to the Jets, their wild card hopes are shot.

If the Eagles, Cowboys and Giants win and the Lions (8-5) beat the Raiders (4:15 p.m. start), the Birds are playing for next season.

Finally there will be no playoffs for the Eagles if they, the Cowboys and Giants win, the Seahawks (6-7) beat the Bears and the Cardinals (6-7) beat the Browns.
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