Friday, December 9, 2011

Eagles TD record could be tale of two eras

HOF Eagle Van Buren
LeSean “Shady” McCoy needs four touchdowns to break the single season club record of 18 set by Steve Van Buren 66 years ago.

McCoy cannot imagine an era tougher to score touchdowns in than the present. And his football wisdom extends beyond his 22 years, for he knows who Van Buren is.

“The speed of these dudes, the size of these guys, how strong they are,” McCoy said. “I’m not knocking the guys back then. But just look at the guys now. The guys are big, strong and fast. So it’s tougher to get into the end zone. I aint the biggest guy. Freaks like that that can run, hit and are that aggressive, I think it’s a little harder.”

Is it tougher now than in 1945 when Van Buren did it in 10 games? With all due respect, it's definitely open for debate.

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