Monday, December 26, 2011

If Reid won't do it, Banner should sit McCoy

If Andy Reid is serious about playing a sub-100 percent LeSean McCoy against the Redskins, team president Joe Banner ought to step in and stop it.

It's absurd to put your best player and his twisted ankle on the field for anything more than a cameo in a ridiculously meaningless season finale.

All the Eagles need in this totally lost and regrettable season is to subject a player who can't do all of the things he previously could do (like protect himself) to a potentially serious injury. Eagles Nation will understand. This isn't a playoff game. Other than a less desirabie draft position there is nothing to be gained and the future to lose.

If Big Red balks, show him film of Adrian Peterson's career-changing knee injury, against the Redskins. Think the Vikings would like to do that one over?

I'm hoping Reid just wants to string everyone along for the week, that he can't bear having anyone else preempt his injury reporting power and that his judgement in these matters is better than the clock management.

If he's serious about putting McCoy out there for four quarters, someone in that Eagles front office needs to do a Jerry Jones and end it. McCoy is too valuable to play games with.

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