Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Help Eagles Chad Hall help WWP

Chad Hall 'before' his donation.
Eagles wide receiver Chad Hall served in the Air Force as a second lieutenant, supervising 100s of troops.

Military Day at Eagles training camp brings back deep memories for Hall, who wants to give back to the Armed Forces by shaving his head to solicit donations for the Wounded Warrior Project.

The Eagles, Dietz and Watson and the USO hosted 300 servicemen for a barbeque followed by VIP passes to watch practice and later mingle with players. When practice is over Hall will salute the soldiers and literally give them the hair off his head.

"I’ve heard a lot from all of my old troops, old friends still in the Air Force, even overseas in Afghanistan about shaving my head," Hall said. "They don’t want me to, of course, because they’re jealous. But I’m just doing it for a good cause, trying to raise some money.”

Hall asked that those inclined to dial 855-GIV-EWWP and contribute. You can also donate online at

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