Sunday, July 29, 2012

Six weeks, maybe longer for Riley Cooper

Running out of receivers.
Life goes on for the Eagles without wide receiver Riley Cooper, who Andy Reid says is out at least six weeks with a fractured left collarbone.

But with tight end Brent Celek (sprained MCL) also idled, another injury to the receiver corps would put Reid and the front office on edge.

Cooper (6-2, 222) had a firm grasp of the offense and special teams. He also had good speed for a big receiver. Rookie Marvin McNutt (6-3, 216) is similarly built not nearly as fast and obviously has a lot to learn about the offense. It takes at least a couple of years to get it down except in the case of DeSean Jackson, who had it after one year.

If Jackson, Jeremy Maclin or Jason Avant get hurt there's not much out there in free agency other than veteran Plaxico Burress. Last year the Birds offered him a one-year pact during their free agency spending spree. Now Burress is on the cusp of being 34 years old.

Celek is getting better, per Reid, although the coach wouldn't offer a timetable for the veteran's return.

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