Friday, July 27, 2012

Graham to prove he's not a first-round bust

Too small, too slow, first-round bust or whatever.

Brandon Graham says he's leaner, stronger and meaner than at any time in his life. And the defensive end hopes to prove just that when the hitting begins Saturday. Hard to believe he emerged from camp in 2010 as the rookie starter, until you factor in the knee surgery.

"We’ll see when them pads get on," Graham said Friday. "It’s always a different beast when the pads get on. And I think I’m ready, I think I’ve prepared myself.

"We’ll see tomorrow if everything paid off."

Graham says he's dropped from 290 pounds to 270. There's a video of him on YouTube bench pressing 500 pounds. Says he's going to hit the field "With a big old chip" on his shoulder.

"Anything I can go get I’m going to go get it," Graham said. "I’m going to let the coaches decide which spot they feel I can be in."

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