Sunday, July 22, 2012

Patterson says Eagles support Vick

Patterson (98) watches Jason Babin celebrate.
Eagles veteran defensive tackle Mike Patterson won't be playing football for a while because   the skull bone cut to remove an AVR, or irregular tangle of blood vessels hasn't healed sufficiently.

But Patterson has no issues with the way Michael Vick suggested the Eagles have all of the ingredients necessary to become "a dynasty.

"I support him on that," Patterson said. "I feel like he’s been in this league and he knows how it is to feel you have a good team. We all feel we have something special here and we can do something good.

"I think it’s going to be a real good thing for us. We have a really good opportunity. We’ve got a lot of good guys here. I think we can do a lot of good things here. That’s how we’re all looking at it. That’s the mindset that we have. It will be exciting to see what we can do."

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