Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Zordich: PSU must accept sanctions

Andy Reid's semi-private entrance to Lehigh U. fields.
Eagles defensive backs coach Mike Zordich starred at Penn State.

His son Michael just completed a career playing fullback under the late Joe Paterno.

No alum took the child abuse scandal and the subsequent sanctions against Penn State harder than Zordich, who addressed it briefly during a rare training camp  availability Tuesday.

"As a parent of three kids, those victims, the things that happened to those kids, those children, that is tough for me to think about," Zordich said. "The circumstances, the consequences that came out, are they difficult? Yes. But we have to accept them and we have to understand why those things were put on Penn State. It's a sad story, and really, that's all I want to say about that."

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