Friday, July 27, 2012

DJax vomits at practice

 The heat is a lot more tolerable here.
Now we know how DeSean Jackson feels about flipping the training camp practice schedule.

Jackson heaved during the Friday afternoon practice, the effects of the heat according to 10NBC.

The star wide receiver was upright  and cleaned-up by the end if practice.

Citing the CBA, Andy Reid determined it best to have the more rigorous practice in the afternoon rather the morning this season. The walkthrough is in the morning. In past camps the reverse was true.

Obviously the hotter part of the day is in the afternoon. The morning practice Friday lasted less than 90 minutes. The afternoon session went 2-hours, 45-minutes.

If players continue to have issues tolerating it, Reid is going to be second-guessed. Right now it's safe to say some players and employees working the camp are anything but fans of the change.

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