Wednesday, September 26, 2012

UPDATED: Reid: "Michael is our quarterback"

"Michael is my quarterback."
The day after the Eagles were humbled by the Cardinals, head coach Andy Reid couldn't get out of the auditorium fast enough.

That was partly because he left, if you will, quarterback Michael Vick hanging. Reid wouldn't commit to Vick as his starter for longer than "right now." The coach also said the position would be evaluated as the  season continued.

Reid clarified what he meant during his Wednesday availability. Interestingly the words 'right now' and  'evaluation' weren't in the answer.

"Michael is our quarterback," Reid said, explaining that he spoke with Vick just to clarify the meaning. "He didn’t even worry about that. The comments weren’t directed that way and he knows that."

On his radio shot Monday night Reid said "Michael is my quarterback" without the "right now."

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