Sunday, October 7, 2012

Eagles-Steelers checklist

Breast cancer awareness month.

OFFENSE: Steelers are putting more points on the board. Eagles have better players.
Check: Eagles

DEFENSE: Almost scary what the Eagles are capable of these days. Third-down defense is huge.
Check: Eagles

SPECIAL TEAMS: Neither team is playing well in this department. Antonio Brown gives Steelers a home run threat on punt returns.
Check: Steelers

COACHING: Kind of like the defensive coaches on both sides. The bye favors preparation of the home team.
Check: Steelers

INTANGIBLES: Steelers have to have this one.
Check: Steelers

Analysis: The Steelers are at home. They’ve had an extra week to size up the Eagles thanks to the bye. After a 1-2 start the Steelers have to win this one. Eagles not quite so lucky today.

The Pick: Make it Steelers 24, Eagles 20.

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