Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's W-O-L-F-F ... two F's

Knows there are two F's in Wolff.
Rookie fifth-round draft pick Earl Wolff cannot wait for the contact to begin in earnest today when the Eagles put on the shoulder pads and practice at Lincoln Financial Field.
The 5-11, 209-pound Wolff is a hitter.

And a stickler for good spelling.

Take his last name. There are two F's in Wolff. He wasn't surprised to see just one F in his name on the training camp roster.

"At my pro day, N.C. State gave us shirts to wear and they put an 'E' on the back of Wolff," Wolff said. "It was W-O-L-F-E. I was at NC State for five years and they gave me a typo on pro day. My coach used to write my name on the board. He used to put W-O-L-F. I’m like coach, come on. After a while I was like, OK, as long as on the back of my jersey it says W-O-L-F-F. There’s two Fs."

Wolff doesn't know how the family name wound up with two F's. But it's gone on for awhile. He's Earl Wolff IV.

On the other hand, anyone who spells Wolff correctly gets instant respect from the safety.

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