Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chip Kelly on sideline signs: "Next question"

Chip Kelly's news conference before the Thursday morning practice went downhill after he started with "Good morning."
What Kelly did at Oregon (BrotherlyLoveSports).

Kelly was asked about the large pictures the Eagles use on the sideline to signal in plays. They're like giant flashcards embossed with Ben Franklin, the Liberty Bell and a cheese steak.

"No," Kelly said. "Next question."

Asked if he could elaborate on the concept Kelly became more indignant.
This Kelly slogan isn't part of Eagles signage.

"I mean, we would tell you what all our signals are, too, but that's not going to help us," Kelly said. "We can go on to something else. I'm not going to explain why we go through that."

Michael Vick will play the first two quarters of the Saturday preseason game in Jacksonville, Nick Foles the next two. Rookie Matt Barkley might play in the second half.
My suggestion: 'Win the day' and get smoothies.

Kelly also has decided the Eagles, for the first time since the 16-game schedule, are going to get Mondays off. Previously the teams had Tuesdays as their off day.

The NFLPA mandates only that players get at least four days off per month.

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