Monday, September 30, 2013

Chip Kelly and USC speculation

Gil Brandt has been around forever. His roots are with the Cowboys.

That said he speculates that Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, formerly of Oregon would be a great candidate for the vacant USC job.

"He has never been in pro football before this season, and to tell you the truth, I'm not sure he's made for it," Brandt assessed on "He reminds me of Steve Spurrier and Bob Stoops; they were destined to be college coaches.

"Being around him a little, I know he's a rah-rah, enthusiastic guy. Guys like that don't cut it for very long in the NFL. What he did at Oregon, transforming an OK program when he got there to what it is today, is nothing short of remarkable."

Brandt realizes the NCAA sanctions assessed Oregon during Kelly's regime would be a tough sell. The NCAA slapped an 18-month show-cause penalty on Kelly. Brandt said it would "make his re-entry into college football problematic, but not impossible."

Kelly is 1-3 with the Eagles after going 46-7 at Oregon. Former Eagles head coach Andy Reid is 4-0 with the Chiefs.

The entire Brandt piece breaking down coaching candidates is edgy, well done and available at the following link:


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