Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Eagles could be part of TD record

With 12 touchdown passes in three games. Peyton Manning is on pace to blow up the NFL record of 50 held by Tom Brady.
Barwin's shirt not a fit this week..

...  Around the 13th game of this season.

The Eagles were part of Brady's history in 2007. They could be part of the TD record redux as they oppose Manning and the  Broncos Sunday at Sports Authority at Mile High.

The Eagles rank 30th in the NFL in yards allow, surrendering  438.3 yards per game.

Chip Kelly thinks Manning and Tom Brady, who the Eagles played in the preseason, are among the best quarterbacks ever. Right now Manning has something Brady does not.

"He's got a lot of weapons," Kelly said.  "You got [Wes] Welker, [Demaryius] Thomas, [Eric] Decker. Wherever you want to put them in.  Three really good running backs. It's a tough challenge for us this week."

The Broncos are coming off a 37-21 win over the Raiders Monday night.

The Eagles have been idle since their 26-16 loss last Thursday to the Chiefs.

The Eagles allowed Brady just one TD pass the year he set the  NFL standard. A.J. Feeley threw three scoring passes but also three interceptions in a 31-28 Birds loss in Foxboro, Mass.

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