Sunday, September 29, 2013

Eagles brought something for the altitude

Just in case their ‘A’ game isn’t enough, the Eagles packed something to help them get the job done here today … O2.
McCoy tells Vick where he stashed the O2.

Even if the altitude issue is mostly in the heads of Eagles players, as the coaches and training staff have preached, it helps to know an honest gulp of air in this Mile High City is only an oxygen mask away. (Always put your mask on before helping others.)

“We’ll have oxygen tanks on the sides of the benches,” Eagles veteran pass-rusher Trent Cole said. “So if we ever need it we’ll go to them. And we have backups. We have oxygen tanks and backups.”
Cole doesn’t expect the altitude to be a problem. He doesn’t think it was a big deal when he and the Eagles were crushed here, 49-21, in 2005.

Running back LeSean McCoy hasn’t played a game in altitude. Conversations with players on other teams convinced him not to think about it.

“I think it’s a mental thing,” McCoy said. “There’s so much air, it should be alright.”

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