Friday, September 6, 2013

Vick says Williams has to control temper

Michael Vick really was ready to defend himself when irate teammate Cary Williams pushed him away trying to get at Riley Cooper Thursday.
Doesn't want to waste his time doing UFC stunts.

Vick's cooler head prevailed. Today after practice he alluded to how crazy it was when his peacemaking overtures were unwanted. 

"Man this is getting out of control," Vick said. "This isn't the Ultimate Fighting Championship."

During a media availability Vick blocked a question about the aggressive manner in which Williams came at him. Asked what happened, Vick responded, "Nothing, I’d really not even talk about it.

"I’m trying to just leave that, put that behind us," . We’ve got to focus on football. We’ve got to focus winning this game. Cary is OK. He understands that he has to control his temper sometimes. And we all do. But we all are men and at the end of the day sometimes tempers do flare but that’s normal."

Head coach Chip Kelly has told his players that one play can be the difference between winning and losing. Vick and his teammates can only hope Williams doesn't lose it on game day. The Eagles open the season Monday night in Washington.

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