Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lurie opened the door to quarterback speculation ... and rightfully so

Time is money.

Especially for Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, who ponied up $32.5 million in salary alone to get Chip Kelly to install his up-tempo offense in Philadelphia.

The investment goes beyond those dollars, the money to pay one of the biggest coaching staffs in the league and to improve the resources Kelly needs to train his players with a scientific approach.
Blind side heat, Nick!

So when Lurie told CSNPhilly basically that finding a franchise quarterback would be the top priority it was conclusive evidence he's all but seen enough of Michael Vick and Nick Foles to realize they won't be elite in the Kelly system. And it's why this Johnny Football talk has cropped up around the executive offices. It's early, for sure, but it seems to be real.

The pressure is on Foles. This could be his last chance, starting today in Oakland to show he deserves to stick around as a backup. If you thought he was overwhelmed in the loss to the Cowboys, you'll want to pay even closer attention now.

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