Monday, October 28, 2013

Kelly in no rush to get Vick back

In so many words Chip Kelly indicated Monday he's seen enough of Michael Vick to realize this is a good time to give the veteran all of the time he needs to rehab the problematic hamstring.

Rookie Matt Barkley is next quarterback up for the struggling Eagles.
"I’m going to wait for the determination but Mike didn’t seem like he was going to be ready this week,” Kelly said Monday. “He felt like when I talked to him the first time, that he thought he was going to be back after the Giants game. This is the first time when I talked to him that he thought he may be out. We’ll see when we sit down and visit with him after they get the final results and I talk to Chris (Peduzzi) and Dr. DeLuca."

Injured reserve, at some point, might become part of the conversation although it's hard to imagine Vick being happy about that.

With Nick Foles not far from a return after sustaining a concussion and rookie Matt Barkley looking like he could be the starter this weekend against the Raiders, it would make sense for the Eagles to see with certainty if they fit Kelly's offensive model.

Regardless the Eagles need to take a hard look at this group of college quarterbacks who could compose the 2014 draft,

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