Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Vick to critics: 'Let me be me'

If polled Eagles players, their survey of 1,100 subjects age 13 and up aimed at naming the most disliked player in the NFL would have been different.
Michael Vick was the guy largely because he helped operate an illegal dog-fighting ring that landed him in prison ... four years ago.

Let him, be him.
Vick spoke about it after practice Tuesday. See if you can spot the parallel to another Eagles great who played quarterback.

"What matters most to me is the people that I do know who care about me," Vick said. "And that’s something you can never take away from me. So I don’t feed into all that. People are entitled to their opinions and I respect you. So just let me do what I do, let me be me and as long as I’ve got my freedom, my health and my family nothing else matters.”

Let me be me?

If it sounds familiar to Eagles fans that's because it is. Randall Cunningham used that line as well. A little more scattered but every bit respectfully. I'm all-in with both players. When the Eagles turn the page on Vick he will be missed, just as Cunningham was.

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