Friday, May 9, 2014

Jordan Matthews a chip off Jerry Rice block

Eagles second round pick Jordan Matthews dominated Southeastern Conference receivers, winding up as the loop's all-time leading pass catcher.

It helped the Vanderbilt product to lean on a family connection for direction. Matthews is cousin to Jerry Rice, the Pro Football Hall of Fame receiver.

"He was definitely influential," Matthews, who averaged 19.0 yards per catch last season said. "I think one of the most influential things was watching him as a young child and growing up and being able to study this game game and trying to take some of those things to my game. He has given me some advice and I appreciate that."

The Eagles like the way Matthews catches the ball in a crowd, which you can see on the accompanying video. Matthews doesn't have much wiggle but he can separate on deep routes.

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly laughed when asked if the Rice connection attracted him to Matthews.

“It’s not a bad thing,” Kelly said. “You’re going to look at it but I don’t think we make determinations based on what this kid’s tree is. We may start doing it if he turns out to be a really good player. We’ll find out who else Jerry is related to.”


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