Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Chip Kelly Experience

Reporters got a taste of the Chip Kelly Experience Tuesday.

Near the end of his media availability, Chip Kelly was interrupted by the loud music he has played for Eagles practices.

Instead of ordering the music off (after all, he is the head coach) Kelly answered what football media relations Derek Boyko, moments before the interruption, called the last 'two questions.' Only a small handful of media heard much of the answers, much less the questions. The video is difficult to understand.

At first it seemed funny. It's basically the the type of chaos he wants his players to fight through. Only these aren't his players. He explains why he does things the way he does them, to his players. Is it asking too much for the media to expect the same courtesy?

It's another example of how  Kelly feels about the press. Or doesn't care about the press.

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