Sunday, July 27, 2014

Linc's HD video boards offer 3D quality

Eagles fans attending the open practice Monday at Lincoln Financial Field (12:15 p.m.) get a taste of audiovisual boards team president Don Smolenski compares to 3D.

"We’ll have some things running but it’s going to be pretty dialed back," Smolenski said. "You’ll still be able to see how bright they are and how clear they are. When it all comes together it almost feels a bit like 3D it’s so clear. The clarity and the resolution of the boards of the video part. You almost want to just reach out and just touch it. It’s just really clear."

Additionally fans get a look at the seating changes.

"Hopefully what they feel and see is a more intimate building with the two corners closed in with the additional seats to help really bring fans in a full circle around the team," Smolenski said. "And then the audiovisual in particular, the HD video boards and the LED video boards just sort of add this dynamic component to it that I think will be able to immerse them and engage them even more into the game once we start playing on the 21st."

Parking is free Monday and the lots open at 9 a.m.

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