Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kelly set to open training camp July 25th

Chip Kelly put a date on the start of Eagles training camp.

Kelly said he wouldn't see his players for 35 days. That would take them to July 25, a Friday.

“I think the important thing for them is it's not getaway day," Kelly said Thursday before the final minicamp practice. "We have another day to improve and get out there and get better as a football team, and I think that's their approach right now. They've had a good session so far this morning and we'll go out and wrap it up. I think the real message is it isn't getaway day. It's let’s finish up strong, it's our last opportunity to get some real good quality work in before we come back here on the 25th, and I think they feel the same way."

After a respite, the coaches will get back to work. The same with the players albeit on an individual basis.

"I don't look at this as any break from what we've just done," Kelly said. "This is our life's choice and we enjoy it. This isn't like Fred Flintstone and 'yabba-dabba-do' and we're trying to get out of work. It's another day. And we'll finish with some different things before we get some time off. I don't think anybody in our situation as coaches is like `I can't wait to get out of there.' Most are like `I can't wait to get back in there.' "

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