Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rookie Ed Reynolds back in the room

It wasn't a revelation.

But Eagles fifth-r0und pick Ed Reynolds on Thursday got a serious taste of how much faster NFL practices are in person than they are on face time.

Face time a drag compared to real thing.

"I left here with the full playbook," Stanford product Reynolds said. "I can watch meetings, go through all the installs. I had time where I face-timed Coach (John) Lovett, my defensive backs coach and the special teams coach once or twice a week just to go over it if I had any questions about anything. But it’s completely different once you step out there on the field and everything is moving a lot faster like when you’re going through the slides. So today was fun, the first time back out there. But definitely a little farther than behind the other guys just with the mental reps of being out there and going through it."

Reynolds had been unable to practice due to NCAA rules.

More on this in the online and print editions of the Daily Times.

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