Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Minus drama, life is different for Eagles

The LeSean McCoy presser was winding down, the Pro Bowl running back obviously weary of answering the same tired questions he'd addressed weeks ago.

So I asked Shady what it was like being part of an offseason almost totally lacking in drama. Alas, a smile.

"We like the quarterback controversies, we like all that type of stuff, man," McCoy said. "So it’s a little different going into this camp."

In all seriousness, the Eagles have slammed the door on the drama that regularly consumed at least a portion of the offseason. Yes, the month of March was hairy as fellow scribe Zach Berman pointed out, but since then it's been a clean sheet on the drama front. And McCoy thinks that's a good thing.

"It gives us more time to focus," McCoy said. "The last couple of years we had so much attention on this team for all the wrong reasons. Now we’re just preparing. We came off a good season last year which ended too early. We want to capitalize on that, win the division again and, hopefully take over where we left off."

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