Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lurie thinks Chip, Jimmy Johnson are similar

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie wanted Jimmy Johnson to be his head coach back in 1995.
Chip Kelly reminds Lurie Super Bowl winning coach Jimmy Johnson,.

Johnson left the Dallas Cowboys after winning back-to-back Super Bowls when he feuded with owner Jerry Jones. Ray Rhodes ultimately got the nod as head coach of the Birds.

Lurie knows a lot about Johnson based on the flirtation and having bounced football matters off the Fox football analyst.

Lurie understands why some believe Kelly is like Johnson.

"There are some similarities there," Lurie said Wednesday. "I don’t know if you can carry it all the way. But certainly Jimmy was very cognizant of what it takes to bring a team together. People focused on his bravado and his intelligence and all that but he comes from a pretty savvy psychology background and he had a feel for what brings 53 men together and your staff together.

"And Chip has a lot of those qualities. He knows what it takes to have a common purpose to bring people together. And it’s not about who’s the best team on paper. What team has the best stats. What team accomplishes this. It’s not about who runs the fastest offense. It’s just about how to bring people together in a common goal where you can compete against 31 other teams trying to do something similar. They have a similarity that way and a self-confidence."

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