Sunday, July 27, 2014

'Life different without Vick, DJack'

LeSean McCoy got into a tussle in a drill Sunday with Trent Cole, who outweighs him by 62 pounds.
Images of star power past, present at Eagles training camp.

"It was just two friends going at it," McCoy said. "... They were touching me a little bit too much. And I'm trying to let them know it's OK if you can't cover me. It's OK. We were just battling, that's all. We'll go into the locker room and talk it out, joke it out."

The media hasn't been allowed into the locker room since celebrities Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson parted ways with McCoy, Cole and the rest of their teammates.

Life without the buzz Vick and Jackson brought is totally different. Ditto the energy.
Says Trent Cole cannot cover him.

"It's definitely different," McCoy said. "There's different personalities. The limelight is different a little bit. A guy like Michael Vick has kind of changed the game the way he plays. And a star wide receiver like DeSean Jackson. So it's a lot different. A guy like Nick (Foles), who's becoming a big star, he's not really big on the attention. Nick is a guy, man, he'll throw for seven touchdowns and he doesn't want or expect to get patted on the back or a slap on the butt. He's doing his job. Where other guys have that star thing to them. Like Mike. Mike has been in the starlight for so long it comes with the territory. He can have a terrible game but the star pass is going to come with it."

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