Tuesday, December 25, 2007

and a Merry Christmas to GARY PAPA

Having been around the block longer than most of the guys on the Eagles beat - I'm now the oldest active Eagles beat writer, bar none - the dots just seem to connect in a more meaningful way these days.

I've not above showing a little sensitivity like, thanks, Channel 6's Gary Papa, for being an inspiration.

It doesn't matter that Papa is on the TV side. He's a total pro, a man with integrity, an edge and a love for his craft . He's had some tough life battles tough people work through and it's not for me to go into detail. But I've just got to say I felt honored to be in the same work area as Gary after the Eagles' win over the Saints Sunday.

A few reporters were connecting with Eagles safety J.R. Reed, who was coming off yet another physical and emotional effort. Reed is a lot like Papa; a lot of people root for him. When Papa asked Reed, coming back from a career-threatening leg injury, about the long road back they connected on an almost indescribable, you-had-to-be-there level. And I was happy just to be there.

Thanks for the inspiration, G-Papa, and the priceless lesson about life.


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