Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I'm sitting next to Tom Maloney, veteran KYW News Radio reporter. Andy Reid's news conference begins in a few minutes.

The only real question here is what do we ask?

What's left?

Well, a ton of Eagles aren't going to practice including Correll Buckhalter so the obvious question is, do we see more of rookie third round pick Tony Hunt?

Q: Andy, do you see an expanded role for Tony Hunt?
A: Obviously if Buck can't get back Tony will step in there. He's done a great job in goal line and short yardage. He's picking up the offense. He's picking it up and will do a good job if Buck can't play.

Q: Why hasn't he played a lot?
A: It's the numbers. You have to figure out the game day (45-man roster) numbers.

Q: What adjustments has he had to make? Blocking?
A: It wasn't blocking per se. It was the blitz pickup. That's where most rookies struggle. He's been working hard at that.

Q: Do you still think he's more than just a short-yardage player?
A: An every-down guy. He's working toward that.

A lot of reporters jumped on the idea as there was almost no talk, believe it or not, about this being Dallas Cowboys week.

That's life for a 5-8 team.


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