Monday, December 10, 2007

Has DON packed it in???

The way Donovan McNabb played Sunday against the New York Giants was Mike Vick-esque.

In the last game of last year - and possibly the last contest of his career - Vick played the first half of the otherwise meaningless contest between the Falcons and the Eagles at the Linc but opted out of the second half presumably due to a sprained ankle.

Well, McNabb got after it in the first half Sunday but he really wasn't into it nearly as much the rest of the game, especially when the Eagles needed him most at the end.

On this end it didn't seem to be the play-calling as much as the guy in charge of carrying the plays out. There was no spark, and that was most disheartening as McNabb's game is all about energy and emotion.

All of which leads to this: McNabb performed very much like a guy who won't be around next season. He was distant at the news conference as well. He's got something heavy on his mind. Possbily his new employers.


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