Monday, December 27, 2010

Banner: "Blame the NFL"

Eagles president Joe Banner stuck up for Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, who has gotten some blame in the decision to postpone the Eagles-Vikings game from Sunday night to Tuesday night.
The Eagles released a statement that blames the NFL for everything while conceding others had input in the league's decision to push the game back three days. In otherwords, it's a typical Eagles statement.
“People are free to have their opinions on whether or not last night’s Eagles game should have been postponed," Banner said. "That decision was ultimately made by the NFL. Any criticism of the Mayor, who was not involved in this decision, is completely unfair.”
Thanks, Joe, for reminding us of our constitutional right to freedom of expression. Almost slipped our minds.
But really, Joe, how is expressing an opinion about the Mayor unfair?
Please explain that.


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